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Scouter makes shift scheduling a quick and easy task. You make shifts available and your employees can schedule themselves to the shifts of their choice. You can also do it yourself if you prefer to retain control.

  • Intra-organizational communication - chat with colleagues
  • Set up an organizational hierarchy according to the work sites and branches
  • Dynamic calendar - drag shifts and employee placements
  • Flexible display that can be customized to your business’s needs

The Scouter system lets you connect directly to Meckano, the employee attendance management system. The system is flexible, smart, and can be accessed and managed anytime, anywhere. The system lets you manage attendance clocking on a map, and you can export reports in compatible formats according to the organization’s needs, and more.

  • Biometric time clock
  • Time clock application
  • Clock in or out online
  • Clock in or out telephonically
  • Clock in or out at a kiosk (tablet)

Connect to update tasks and projects. You define the tasks and allocate them to employees, the employee reports which task he is working on and then updates when he completes it. The system tallies up all the hours in designated reports. The managers just have to log into the system and make decisions based on the data pertaining to the hours that were spent on each task, per project. Cross-referencing the shifts’ data with the task management system will give you tighter control and more advanced management of your employees’ hours.

  • Update tasks in real time
  • Monitor employee hours
  • Detailed reports for tasks
  • A control panel with advanced tools for active tasks
  • Update projects for a group or individual
  • Manage a budget online - ROI
  • Integration with additional management systems

Forms for reporting let employees report to managers when they start / stop a shift according to the required need, such as: missing equipment / total sales / mileage / daily travel expenses, and more. The employees need to answer one or more questions (depending on the business’s need) and all the information is collected and saved in the system and can be accessed anytime.

  • Numerous businesses currently use forms for medical declarations to comply with the government’s COVID-19 health regulations.

The work agreements module lets you manage complex work agreements, calculate hours according to the scope of the employees’ jobs and to display detailed reports that can be exported directly to the payroll system.

  • Using this module, you can set up a precise work agreements for shift work and for the organization’s needs if there are more than one shift per day, and so forth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We advise our clients to enjoy Scouter’s free demo version, no strings attached. Also, our price list page shows the costs of the modules and optional add-ins, depending on what your organization needs.

Absolutely! If a certain employee always needs to be scheduled with a specific employee or manager, you can enter this information into the system to more effectively and conveniently manage the shift scheduling while taking these constraints into consideration.

Absolutely! The Scouter system is a fantastic product on its own, but it can also link to the Meckano time clock system for enhanced management options.

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