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Shift scheduling made easy

Why choose Scouter?

Let's make work scheduling quick and easy. Say hello Scouter. shift scheduling that gives you a lot more! who works and when, advanced conditions, manage branches and departments. Start customize Scouter to your business’s needs. Scroll down to learn more

It’s so easy to make changes

Improve work processes
right away

An easy, convenient and flexible interface, Scouter’s system enables effective management that far exceeds writing the employees’ names in the designated shifts! For any given shift, you can enter all the important information, free-form text, and easily make changes by dragging shifts to different dates.

Scouter for your day-to-day

The powerful tools.
Working together

  • Intra-organizational

    Update announcements, tag friends, and send messages

  • Start with customization

    Select what day the week starts, holidays, and the time display

  • Departments,
    branches and stores

    Setting up branches and jobs will enable advanced settings

  • Dynamic calendar

    Drag shifts across days and hours

Our calendar, your schedule

On one screen, you can see who works and when, and make updates

Scouter’s system lets its users see each other online, get live updates and changes, and conduct chat discussions regarding shifts - anytime. Since the system links to the time clock, as managers you can monitor the degree of compatibility between the shifts scheduled and actual attendance, thereby better managing the business, even remotely.

An entire scheduling system

Get to know our shift management add-ins

  • Attendance time clock
  • Forms and questionnaires
  • Task management
  • Work agreements

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The scouters behind the system


Service Manager

Hearing customers cheer on our shifts system that is so easy to operate, makes my day!


Customer Service Representative

When I hear the smile of customers on the other end of the line, I know I'm working in the right place!


Sales Manager

When the system provides real solutions to customers, it does most of the work for me

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Frequently Asked Questions

We advise our clients to enjoy Scouter’s free demo version, no strings attached. Also, our price list page shows the costs of the modules and optional add-ins, depending on what your organization needs.

Absolutely! If a certain employee always needs to be scheduled with a specific employee or manager, you can enter this information into the system to more effectively and conveniently manage the shift scheduling while taking these constraints into consideration.

Absolutely! The Scouter system is a fantastic product on its own, but it can also link to the Meckano time clock system for enhanced management options.

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