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The Complete Guide to Employee Scheduling


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With business, as we know, time is money, and therefore the option of significantly minimizing the time and effort spent on scheduling shifts can save managers time and money.
Managers currently don’t need to spend time and effort in scheduling their staff in shifts, which gives them more time to manage the business in a smart and creative way, to develop it and maximize its potential.
Read on to discover how employee shifts are scheduled in 2020 in leading businesses and organizations. 
Employee shift scheduling at a click.

In 2020, managers click to confirm the schedules that their staff entered to the computerized online system, from wherever they are.
This is the right way to continue managing the employee schedules while freeing up time to manage other more important aspects of the business.
After all, managing a business requires thinking out of the box, creativity, investing time in development, and other much more significant parameters than the technical work involved in scheduling shifts.

How is employee scheduling done?

Scheduling employees to shifts is quick and easy since there are very few things needed to start working, so it’s really easy to learn the system and get to work.
All you need to do is to set up the morning or afternoon shift, define hours for it, how many managers and what types of employees need to be included in it, and that’s it!
The shift is ready, and the employees can schedule themselves for it.
How do they do it? It’s easy!
They view the relevant available shifts online, choose the shift they want, and get sent their schedule via email.

Linking the system to the time clock

In 2020, managers are no longer satisfied with scheduling shifts easily and efficiently, they also want to ensure that the employees that were scheduled showed up for their shifts on time.
Thanks to Scouter, there is now a convenient, easy and automatic option to monitor how the work schedule is actually manned, even remotely!
You just need to link Meckano’s time clock to the Scouter system, and you can instantly and clearly see at any given moment which employees were present at what times and for how long.
As a result, any anomaly regarding the shifts that were scheduled, whether attendance or actual hours worked, is clear and obvious to the manager.

The points that are important to the manager are easily conveyed to all the employees in each shift

It turns out that managers currently schedule shifts with ease and monitor attendance remotely as well, but what about important points that employees need to know?
The Scouter system lets every manager enter notes, points and reminders for each shift using free-form text, which is instantly delivered online to each and every employee.
And what if a manager wants Scouter to take various employee constraints into consideration when it schedules the shifts, like two employees that need to be scheduled together?
No problem. Every constraint that has to be taken into consideration is easily entered into the system so that it is factored fully into the scheduling when the time comes!

Communicate via chat and quickly solve unexpected problems – even remotely!

Before the Scouter era, many managers felt that they had to be physically present at the place of business to be able to address all sorts of problems that come up unexpectedly during every shift.
Scouter lets employees and managers consult each other during the shift regarding anything that may come up, even remotely, using the online chat component.Subsequently, managers can instruct the employees to contact them online, regardless of where they physically are, for any question, problem or issue that comes up.

Suddenly, flexibility with scheduling changes are made simple

Every manager knows that an employee shift scheduling program is great, but in reality there are all sorts of changes that crop up that aren’t always according to plan.
Thanks to Scouter, managers can be flexible with changes in real time, and everything is updated and executed easily.
Using the advanced system, it’s easy to drag shifts and change dates, make changes to the data, all while meeting the pre-defined limitations.
Even if there’s an employee that is associated with more than one job, and even if there are certain employees that have to be scheduled together, or alternatively have to work separately, it’s all entered into the system.

To sum up, employee management and shift scheduling in 2020 is done using the Scouter system – it’s so easy, convenient, effective and simple that managers don’t know how they managed without it before!






















































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