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6 good reasons to use an employee management system


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The future is already here, and it’s clear to everyone that computerized employee management using an online system is the correct and effective way to schedule shifts and supervise how it’s actually implemented.
Here are 6 good reasons that prompt managers to move forward and introduce an employee management system in the business.  
Managers are choosing progress and upgrading to online computerized employee management

Every important change can evoke nostalgia and a desire to cling to familiar ways, and concerns pertaining to abandoning their old ways.
But significant changes that marched humanity onward and upward were adopted regardless, first by individuals with a vision and inspiration and later among humanity as a whole – thanks to their clear advantages.
Shift scheduling the old way is destined to become obsolete and to clear the path for online computerized employee management, which is much easier, and more convenient, practical, economical and service-oriented.

1. Save valuable time

Every manager knows that his time is an extremely valuable asset to his business.
An employee management system saves a lot of time, since it lets employees schedule themselves online – subject to the manager’s approval.
Scheduling shifts at a click is the easiest and most straightforward way for managers to work, and it is no less than an organizational revolution that saves a great deal of time.

2. Save money on business operational costs

Online monitoring of a match between the shift scheduling and actual attendance, thanks to the link between the time clock and the employee management system – leads to a significant savings in operational costs.
This is a cumulative saving, which prevents superfluous salary payments for employees that arrive too early to the shifts they were scheduled for or that leave before their shift is over.
Also saving on the time it takes to schedule the shifts helps to reduce costs.

3. You can manage your business remotely as well

With an online employee management system, managers don’t need to be physically present to manage their employees.
The option of entering free-form text, including reminders and specific instructions for a certain shift or employee, helps managers ensure that everything is implemented in practice.
Moreover, the employee management system enables online consultation remotely for every question, issue or concern.

4. Minimizing conflicts and unexpected problems

All managers have occasionally encountered contradicting constraints of various employees when scheduling shifts, as well as last minute cancellations and changes.
The online employee management system makes it possible to handle all these quickly, easily and effectively, by entering the employees’ constraints into the program, and finding the optimal solution using artificial intelligence.
Moreover, every change is easily entered into the system, thanks to simple editing properties and information availability to all the employees online.

5. Manage employee absenteeism and lateness in real time

Using the employee management system, every lateness or absence is reported and appears automatically, visible to the manager and other employees.
Therefore, these incidents can be handled more efficiently and easily than ever before. As soon as an employee is absent, the other employees can immediately see that an option to replace him has opened up.
Even if an employee is only late and not absent, the information reaches everyone in real time, which makes it possible to find the best solution as quickly as possible.

6. Give the business’s clients better service

As soon as absenteeism and lateness have been reduced to a minimum, it prevents situations that adversely affect service as a result.
Furthermore, addressing questions and problems that arise when consulting in an online chat gives an immediate answer to any customer question or query, even if the manager is not physically present at the place of business at that moment.

The bottom line is that better, easier, and more effective management of the employees enables the business to give better service to its customers, saves the managers valuable time, reduces operational costs and helps the business maximize its full potential.

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