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Shift scheduling and management for guarding companies


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Managers of guarding and security companies have to devote a great deal of time and energy every week to creating a work schedule, in addition to their other tasks and responsibilities.  
In the following article we have gathered all the important tips to consider when managing shifts in a simpler, smarter, and more effective manner, and achieve an optimal work schedule with minimal effort.   

Tips for correct planning of guard scheduling

Here are the most important tips for optimal management of guard shifts:
Organize the work schedule as early as possible: Sometimes it seems that the shift scheduling is left to the last minute, but repeated delays create unnecessary stress and unexpected problems. That’s why it’s important to define a deadline for submitting shift options and to remind the employees to stick to the deadline.

Try to be considerate of your employees: Security guards have a challenging job that entails immense responsibility and requires them to be constantly alert. Being considerate of the guards’ needs and constraints when scheduling shifts rewards them for their efforts and promotes a high work ethic.

Pay attention to the right employee placement for each shift: Do you need a certain number of guards with a gun license?
Do you need to place guards that have had specific training for some of the shifts?

Don’t forget to place the employees with suitable training for each shift and purpose, while meeting the requisite requirements and procedures.

Scouter – a smart management system that lets you benefit from the best solutions

The Scouter system for online employee and shift management lets you manage shifts in a responsible and organized manner, and saves you lots of time and money:

Online shift scheduling at a click and sending online reminders: The Scouter system lets every guard schedule their own shifts, subject to the manager’s approval, and includes sending automatic reminders before the deadline for submitting shift preferences.

Optimal shift scheduling for guards and managers: The Scouter system lets you enter any constraint and preference that you or your guards may have, and uses artificial intelligence to create the work schedule that takes everybody’s needs into consideration.

Entering the correct employee placement and jobs for every shift: With the Scouter system you can easily and quickly enter the relevant job requirements for every shift according to the required procedures, like the need for a gun license, or a guard that has undergone specific training.

Free-form text notes: For shifts that have specific reminders, such as a security alert that the guard has to take into consideration, you can enter it into the system online and in real time free-form text, so that all your employees will immediately see the notes that are relevant to them.

Would you like to receive the demo version of the Scouter system for a free trial, with no strings attached? Register now!

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