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Shift scheduling for factory workers


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Factory managers, in every industry, need to spend a great deal of time and energy on scheduling shifts, in addition to the complex administrative tasks they are responsible for. Here are all the important tips for smarter and more effective management of scheduling employees’ shifts at the factory.

Tips for correct planning of factory worker scheduling

Following these tips will help you manage the shift schedule more effectively:

Don’t delay the shift scheduling to the last minute! Regardless of how busy you are at work, don’t wait until the last minute to organize the work schedule – clearly define the deadline for submitting shift requests, and remind employees to schedule themselves on time.

Be considerate of your employees: A productive factory is based on cooperation and a positive atmosphere among the employees, for the long term and on a daily basis. So don’t forget to consider the employees’ personal preferences, who will reward you in the long run with a high work ethic and optimal productivity.

Defining the job placements: manufacturing workers, technicians, forklift drivers or shift managers – every worker has a job that is essential for the factory’s proper functioning, which is why it’s important to define the placement of the employees required for each shift.

Pay attention to the different needs for each shift: Some of the shifts include working with suppliers, while others require the presence of specialist technicians and for some of them you need to meet a deadline for important orders.

Match the number of employees and their jobs to the relevant tasks, and remember to take into account different aspects depending on the situation.

Scouter – All the solutions in one smart shift management system

The Scouter online employee and shift management system saves you time, resources and money, and lets you optimally manage the factory.

Work schedules at a click and sending automatic reminders: You no longer need to chase your employees – the system will send everyone reminders before the predefined deadline so that you can schedule yourself to the different shifts on time.

Entering employee and manager preferences to the system: The Scouter system uses artificial intelligence so that you can enter all of your and your employees’ constraints and preferences so that they are taken into account when creating an optimal work schedule for everyone.

Defining the necessary jobs for each shift: With the Scouter system you can easily enter the types of jobs and employees you need for each shift to give you the peace of mind that you always have the precise manpower you need.

Notes in free-form text: Notes, reminders or specific comments for a shift, such as a reminding the shift supervisor to be in touch with a supplier that needs to arrive at a specific time that day, can be entered into the system using free-form text.

Would you like to receive the demo version of the Scouter system for a free trial? Register now and enjoy the demo version for free and with no strings attached!

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