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Shift scheduling for restaurants and wait staff


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Managing a restaurant is a complex job and scheduling shifts is one of the tasks that requires a lot of time, attention and resources on the manager’s part.
Ours is a smart, effective and optimal shift scheduling system.

Tips for correct planning of shift scheduling for restaurant staff

Here are all the tips that will help you better and more  effectively manage the restaurant staff scheduling:

Don’t wait until the last minute! Instead of delaying the inevitable and waiting until the last minute for the staff to submit their scheduling preferences, set a deadline and create a reminder that will help ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time.

Define the jobs: Waiters, cooks, barmen, hosts or shift supervisors – every employee has his own job, and in order for the restaurant to run smoothly, you have to define the required staff placement for every shift.

Be considerate of your employees’ preferences: Cooperation and a good relationship between managers and their employees are valuable assets that will help the restaurant run optimally for the long term. Remember that being considerate of your employees’ preferences will guarantee good working relations in the long run.

Pay attention to the fine differences between each and every shift: A shift where a waitress or cook is being trained is not the same as one where everyone already knows how to do their job, and the “rush hour” times are different from times when the restaurant is less busy.

So, don’t treat every shift equally, and it’s best to take into consideration the number of employees required according to how busy the restaurant is expected to be, and to pay attention to specific aspects that are relevant in different situations.

Scouter – One shift management system, multiple solutions

The Scouter online employee and shift management system encourages much more effective and precise management that will save a lot of time, energy and money.

Automatic message sending and shift scheduling at a click: Instead of chasing the restaurant staff to submit their shift requests on time, the system will automatically remind everyone before the deadline you set.

Defining employee placement and the jobs for each shift: You can easily enter the placement of employees in the various jobs for each shift, so they can schedule themselves according to the requirements you set.

Entering preferences and constraints to the system: Using artificial intelligence, you can enter all the preferences and constraints you and your staff have, and create an optimal work schedule that will take all these parameters into consideration.

Notes in free-form text: If you have comments, reminders or special requests for a specific shift, such as a note that reminds the waitress that she is training a new employee that day, you can enter this into the system using free-form text.

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